What Cancer Cannot Do... 
It cannot…

Cripple love
Shatter hope
Corrode faith
Destroy peace
Kill friendship
Suppress memories
Silence courage
Invade the soul
Steal eternal life
Conquer the spirit

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How We Help Children and Their Families...

An organization is only as strong as its supporters. We need the help of individuals,
businesses, corporations, schools and other non-profits willing to commit time and resources.
From a student bake sale to the local business community up to the corporate boardroom, everyone involved will be given the opportunity to reap the benefits of giving to these special children.


How We Help...
* "Making Dreams Come True" Program
* Financial Assistance
* Emotional Support
* Material Assistance
* Parties and Outings for the Children
* Birthday and Holiday Gifts for the Children 



How You Can Help...

* Donations
* Volunteering
* Fundraising Committees
* Grant Writing
* Project/Event Managers
* Public Relations/Media Support
* Legal Assistance
* Office Help
* Office Supplies