Healthcare Professional Testimonials

The wonderful program of The Ashley Lauren Foundation has been a tremendous help for all of the families I have referred to it, providing both financial and practical assistance as well as delightful holiday and birthday gifts to help the children’s spirits. The amount of assistance has been generous enough to meet specific emergent needs of very low income families who are faced with the recent cancer diagnosis of one of their children. It is often difficult to obtain sufficient and flexible assistance from many of the other foundations. The single-parent families I have referred have been particularly grateful for the assistance so generously provided, as they are often unable to work as they struggle to accommodate their schedules with their child’s treatment and must often wait up to two months for disability benefits to start. Ms. Vermeulen is the very first foundation Executive Director to ever ask “Do they need anything else?”! It is without hesitation that I say this program is the very best for families who have a child with cancer. As a social worker, I am relieved by the simple and efficient referral process and the amazingly rapid turnaround time for assistance. It is exactly what these families and we busy social workers truly need. Finally, it is with tremendous sincerity that I say that working with Ms. Vermeulen is a joy. She goes out of her way to do everything she can for people, while maintaining a pleasant and inspiring demeanor. All of the parents I have referred that have talked with her directly have taken the time to tell me how helpful and understanding she is. Thank you to Ms. Vermeulen and The Ashley Lauren Foundation!!

ALF-favicons_Favicon-16x16 Heather Hoover, LCSW | Pediatric Oncology Social Worker
The Valerie Fund Children’s Center | Newark Beth Israel Medical Center


It has been a pleasure to work with the Ashley Lauren Foundation. They are always prompt, professional, thoughtful, and compassionate. Referrals are dealt with almost immediately and once referred the organization handles everything. Compared with other, similar foundations, the Ashley Lauren Foundation makes things much easier and user friendly for social workers who refer families. Most importantly, the families I have referred are more than satisfied with their experience. They report being treated kindly and that their much needed financial needs are met quickly and easily.

ALF-favicons_Favicon-16x16 Rebecca J. Baglio, MSW, LCSW | Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Social Worker
Valerie Fund Children’s Center | Newark Beth Israel Medical Center


The Ashley Lauren Foundation has been a consistent source of help, both financially and emotionally to children with cancer and their families. The help the Foundation provides enables parents to be with their children during long hospitalizations and periods of illness at home. When a child is very ill, parents take time off from work or take an unpaid leave of absence from employment. During this time phone bills, travel expenses and costs not covered by insurance continue to rise. With the continued support of The Ashley Lauren Foundation, parents and their children are able to get through a very stressful time and focus all their energy on what really matters, which is helping their child get well. “Thank you so much for your help. I can’t tell you how grateful we (nurses, doctors, social workers) are for your help with our families from NJ.”

ALF-favicons_Favicon-16x16 David Beele, LSW | Pediatric Oncology Social Worker | The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

The Ashley Lauren Foundation has had a tremendous impact on my patients from New Jersey. The needs of my patients and families are great. They are required to travel here for treatment for their cancer, which in many aspects, stops “normal” life. Many parents are unable to continue working which, along with the costs of medications, travel, etc. causes severe financial strain. The Ashley Lauren Foundation has helped many families stay on their feet and have the ability to be with their children during the times they need the most support. The ALF has assisted with several pressing requests including utility bills (when shut off notices are present) and holiday gifts for a family who could otherwise not afford them. Ms. Vermeulen ALWAYS responds quickly and is willing to help out in any way possible. This alone is greatly appreciated by the social work staff here at CHOP along with the patients and families. We are very grateful for these services.

ALF-favicons_Favicon-16x16 Dana Vass, LSW | Pediatric Oncology Social Worker | Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia


On behalf of the Valerie Fund Children’s Center Staff at Saint Barnabas Medical Center, I would like to thank The Ashley Lauren Foundation for your enormous generosity. We appreciate your dedication in helping to ease the emotional and financial strain of our patients. As you have known firsthand the devastation that a diagnosis of cancer can bring to a family, you also must know that the thoughtfulness of an organization such as yours helps to raise the spirits and ease the burden of our patients and their families. The Ashley Lauren Foundation distinguishes itself by being one of the few wish fulfillment organizations that addresses the needs and wishes of our young adult cancer population. They have been a wonderful resource for our center, especially for our patients who were diagnosed in late adolescence. We are so grateful for the creative and personalized response that the Ashley Lauren Foundation has given to our patients. We thank you.

ALF-favicons_Favicon-16x16 Margaret Healy, LSW | The Valerie Fund Children’s Center | Saint Barnabas Medical Center, Livingston, NJ


We just want to thank you for all you have done in the past year for our oncology families here at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The financial assistance you give to the families enables them to focus on their child so that they may provide the love and support needed to get through their cancer journey. Your generosity helps to make our jobs a little easier. Once again, thank you.


ALF-favicons_Favicon-16x16 The Oncology Social Worker Staff at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia


Your Foundation’s intervention has reminded me of what is good and virtuous in our day to day lives. It is a comforting and heartwarming act when a stranger unconditionally reaches out to support another stranger in crisis. No single act made without hesitation is more admirable or honorable than that.

Short of eight weeks ago, three and half year old J.P. and his mother were strangers to you. While J.P.’s mother oversaw the care of her son’s ependymoma, she subsequently received a foreclosure notice from a mortgage company unwilling to offer temporary grace or payment revision despite medical circumstance.

As an empathic human being, an individual tied to the cancer community and a proactive Social Worker, I refused to concede the repossession of a home from a sick child, a caring family and a mother whose payments were timely prior to her son’s illness. To revoke and revise, the mortgage company demanded the full back payment. Needing support beyond my own means to assist, I turned to your Foundation on behalf of this family.

Beyond advocating, I cannot take responsibility for any of the good which followed. The involvement and generosity shown by your Foundation saved the family’s home. No amount of thanks can convey my admiration and gratitude for that act.

Lastly, I owe your Foundation personal thanks. Your commitment to support the family allowed my commitment to succeed, and for that I remain forever grateful.


ALF-favicons_Favicon-16x16 Justin D. Robinson | M.A. Clinical Psychology
NYU MSW Graduate Student | NYU Rush Medical Center Pediatric Social Work Intern